Home of Grand Prix rider Alyssa Pagon Pitts. To learn more about Alyssa, please see her website here


Cedar Meadow Farm is a peaceful haven for horses where the well being and happiness of the horses is paramount. 


Peace of Mind is Worth Every Penny!

I've kept horses at many stables over the years, and I have never found one that I trust as much as Cedar Meadow Farm. There is so much comfort in knowing that my horses are always being watched and that illnesses and injuries will be noticed early. I know that whether or not I can make it out to the barn, my horses will get turnout, stall cleaning, water, and the correct feed. It's also true that there is no barn drama at Cedar Meadow! All the boarders truly enjoy each other and are incredibly supportive, wanting nothing but the best for each other and for all the horses there. Alyssa's training is wonderful too. I have learned so much from her! Her boarders are happy, her horses are happy, and her students succeed! Highly recommend this barn! 

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